SubnetCalc Logo SubnectCalc is a tool to help you to make the network IP addressing on MacOS X.
The SubneCalc license is the GPL and the current version is 1.5

Download SubnetCalc for macOS Sierra (10.12) and later (Intel)

Download SubnetCalc for MacOS X Leopard (10.5) and later (PPC and Intel)
Download SubnetCalc for MacOS X 10.4
Download source

New in version 1.5:
  • MacOS compatibility fix
  • CIDR tab redesign
  • Classless / CIDR support for Subnets/Hosts list
  • Wildcard mask option
  • Export all subnets to CSV file
  • Export subnet infos to Clipboard
  • New icon
  • Source code compatible with XCode 9

New in version 1.1:
  • Universal binary support
  • 64 bits
  • Source code compatible with XCode 3

New in version 1.0:
  • add CIDR support
  • possibitlity to enter the subnet mask directly in the IP Address field (ex :
  • memory leaks fixed
  • class D support
  • best resizing
  • check if IP address is valid
  • some other stuff

For comments, use my email : Julien Mulot

Let's see screenshots :

address view

subnet view

hosts view

CIDR view